What if you could spend more time on your mat, and less time planning classes?

The Teacher Toolkit, led by Casey Anderson & Kristin Gibowicz, is for busy yoga teachers who spend hours each week on planning classes for their students. Imagine spending that time inviting more people to come practice, increasing your reach and income. Our resource saves you time and brings fresh inspiration to your Christ-centered AND non-religious yoga classes through: inspirational quotes, Scripture, reflection questions, themed Spotify playlists, and fully developed yoga class sequences. We know that setting up 4-week class series helps engage students to want to come back and allows yoga teachers to sell class packages that help with student retention. In addition, the Teacher Toolkit helps teachers learn how to progress and regress their yoga classes with modifications and variations for all levels of practitioners.

We want to help yoga teachers:

  • Work smarter, not harder
  • Up-level your teaching
  • Engage your community
  • Focus on inviting people to this beautiful practice that transformed your life
  • Deliver holistic and inspirational yoga classes
  • Teach yoga, spread love! 

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and each month you'll get:

Written Sequences

Four fully developed, written yoga sequences (hours of class planning DONE FOR YOU!)

Theming Content

Four weeks of Scriptures, reflection questions, inspirational quotes, prayers & Spotify playlists.

Fresh Ideas

Fresh inspiration for your Christ-centered AND non-religious yoga classes.

Mentorship Videos

Monthly training videos on how to modify the sequences to fit your students' needs + other topics that will add value to your classes.

Yoga with Living Soul

Access to Yoga with Living Soul (a Livestream + OnDemand library for ALL of Living Soul's yoga classes), including Teacher Toolkit flows.

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June 2024: Metamorphosis & The Spiritual Life

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Hear what our Toolkit Members are saying!


"The flows have given me a better understanding of how to sequence a class, how to vary the sequence, and some new variations and postures I haven’t heard of before. The playlists are so helpful. The content gives me a great place to start. Kristin's soul flows gives me a chance to embody the flow and experience how someone different would take the content and teach it."


"I’m in a season where I’m doing so much in growing the business that I don’t have a lot of time to then create content on top of all the business stuff. The Teacher Toolkit has created space for me to rest but also a framework for content in class. Sometimes I’m inspired to do more with the themes and it’s Holy Spirit led."



"Knowing there’s a spine to lean upon as needed frees up a lot of mental space particularly for my evening classes where my energy is generally lower. Being able to draw upon your inspiration allows me to focus on other aspects of my content & business as well. I also love that it is a practical resource I can point other teachers in my community to who are hesitant to start up again."